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After posting the pictures of Draco's Wall to Facebook I got a comment from John asking whether I could knit a house for him. Not being one to back down from a challenge (especially if it is a silly one), I had a look through my craft magazines and found two patterns for houses, a crochet one for a Halloween House designed to hold sweet treats and a knitted 'beach hut' stuffed cushion/doorstop. I decided to go with the knitted one - with adaptations.

I have the brown and yellow DK left over from Draco's antler hat, and various other balls of DK in the stash - though I will have to buy more in red for the roof - since I need red for Draco's Flaming Tyre (TM) I will pop out and buy some.

The pattern is in separate parts, 4 walls, floor and roof, all joined by sewing together and stuffing. I started knitting the side walls (40 stitches on 3.25mm circular needles) in stripes of two rows yellow and two rows brown. After the designated 67 rows I put in a row of lace holes and dropped the yellow knitting the base in brown only for 30 rows, then another row of lace holes, cast back on the yellow and continued with the second wall.

For the sides I used a crochet hook to cast on 26 stitches along one side of the base, picked up the stitches on the needles and continued in pattern until the side matched the main wall. Then knitted four rows (two of pattern, plus two extra) in yellow and decreased one stitch at each end of every right side row until left with three stitches - K2 tog twice and finish. Did the same for the other side wall.

Am now about to work out how to do the doors and windows and the roof.
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There is a ladybird on my bed - are there supposed to be ladybirds around in December (even if it does feel more like November)?

I still need a James May icon. Last night's Top Gear programmes were a prime example of the BBC at its best (though I never had any problems making my Spirograph work - the secret is to keep the cogs engaged). TG itself really should carry some sort of health warning - funny, informative, smutty - what more could one want (and a side order of D Tennant for the Whofen - I know it was only in the context of the driving challenge, but I like the concept of Rose being 'The Master' - do not want another plot bunny right now).

Caught about half of The Great Escape and was reminded of the hottest of hot blonds - hell, David McCallum was stunning at 30...
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One of my post-retirement tasks is sorting through my old toys and finding a way of getting their full value (which does not mean the car boot sale - though there are other things that will go there). Annoyingly Christies are holding a 50's toy sale today. If I'd only known I'd have got them to value the set of 101 Dalmatians dioramas curently in storage and put them in this sale - will have to wait for ages for another one. I won't regret selling them, or the puppets. I will have to be prized away from my far less valuable set of Britains showjumps and horses. Not to mention the farmyard, tractor, stables, pigstys, horse-drawn milk float(if only it still had its box it could probably finance the purchase of a real horse drawn milk float (though not the horse...)
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