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I have put the Tahiti cardi on hold as it's not something I can safely knit while doing anything else. I do need a lightweight cardi though, and liked the pattern for 'Forest Fern' in the 100 knitting patterns 'free' book that came with last month's edition of 'Lets Knit' (100 patterns and a magazine for £6 - bargain!).

I happen to have both yarn alternatives given in the pattern in my stash - the black and red 'Moods' bought to make the 'riot' skirt but too bulky for the job, and some Sirdar 'Country Style' in a shade of yellow-green almost as vile as the colour used in the pattern illustration. I decided to make the pattern using the red (1 ball) for the detail work on hem cuffs and collar and the black to the back and sleeves. This will mean a bit of fiddling on the fronts, but hopefully not as much as the Tahiti! Meanwhile knitting up the back is quite straightforward, and rather restful.

I think this is the first thing I've knitted (or attempted to knit) that I've not had to make some change to needles,yarn or pattern!
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The problem with buying discontinued yarn is finding patterns that will work with it. Fortunately Ravelry has a fairly comprehensive pattern library and I ran the Noro Kama weight and length through it and came up with a long cardigan pattern that would adapt.

First problem was that the pattern is longer than I wanted (not really difficult to cut down on length).

Problem two: the tension swatch knitted up much larger (16 stitches and 20 rows to 10cm rather than 18/24). I think I can solve this by making up a smaller size and, again, measuring as I go along.

What really threw me was the idea of doing a single cable across 12 stitches - not so much a cable as a hawser. I have just finished a sock pattern that used a very pleasing combination of three cables with different twists (two 4-stitch cables flanking a 6 stitch cable) that use the same number of stitches but will make a flatter fabric.

Also the pattern has pockets (yay!) which are not really a feature. So I decided to do the flanking 4CB twists on each side of the pocket and have the main cable emerging from it.

Making a rod for my own back, and I anticipate much frogging*, but at least it will keep me on my toes.

I did a lot of planning with squared paper and think that I have a plan worked out. Knitted the two pocket pieces with a 6-cable (one F and one B) running up the centre, flanked by 1 row of purl stitches.

CO 22 stitches. Knit 10 rows. Row 11, K7, P1, Cable over 6 stitches, P1, K7.
Follow main pattern for cable to Row 25.

Row 25: K2, M1, K2, M1, K2, M1, K1, P1, Cable, P1, K1, M1, K2, M1, K2, M1, K2 (28 stitches)

Ending at row 27 with 28 stitches on the needle (a knit row - pockets will be inserted on a purl row).

Have started one side (I am unsure whether it will turn out to be left or right - will worry about that when I get to the sleeve decreases!) by casting on 52 stitches and working 12 rows (rather than the pattern 18) of single ribbing.

Row 13: K2, P1 C4F, K26, P1, C4F, P1, K12 (52)
Row 14: P12, K1, P4,K1 P26, K1, P4, K1, P2
Row 15: K2, P1, K4 P1 K26, P1, K4, P1, K12
Row 16: As 14
Repeat these 4 rows to Row 35. At row 35 start top of pocket ribbing:
Row 35: K2, P1, K4, [P1 K1] Repeat 11 times (27 stitches) P1, K4, P1 K12
Row 36: P12 K1, P4, K1. Follow ribbing for 27 Stitches, K1, P4, K1, P2
Row 37: K3, P1 C4F, P1. Follow ribbing for 27 stitches], P1,C4F, P1, K12
Row 38: As Row 36
Row 39: Cast off for pocket as pattern.

*this has been edited as a result of the first frogging experience.

To Be continued...
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After three attempts I gave up on the knitted hexagons for the front of the cardi and resorted to crochet. Made up the necessary number by starting with a 6-chain ring and working round 3tr, 2ch until I had six sides. Next round worked 1tr into each space (4tr), then 2ch and repeat. Last round 5tr into each space and 2ch. Stitched to fronts leaving a raised edge for decoration.

I had enough yarn left so made two more crochet hexagons, adding an extra 'side' to one to make a 'figure 8' shape which fitted down my dog's front (with space for the front legs where the 'waist' of the 8 occurred).

Then cast on 20 stitches to match width of Draco's bum and knitted 10 rows of single rib before changing to moss stitch and cable pattern as for cardi. Increasing one stitch each side every other row to make hex edges as for cardi. Worked sides to meet the crocheted hexagons under the breast, then cast off 8 stitches each side to allow for leg holes. Worked two rows before casting on 8 stitches and continuing pattern up to top of pre-made hexes. Transfer remaining stitches on needle to holder/dpn needle.

Sewed the two edges of the knitting to the crochet. Then used crochet hook to pick up stitches round the neck onto two dpns. Arranged neck stitches between three dpns and knitted collar in double rib for 8 rows (to allow for wearing of collar - could have made longer collar if necessary). Cast off and sewed in ends.

Picked up stitches round leg holed on dpns and knitted cuffs in single ribbing for 10 rows (2"). Cast off. Finnish.

I had enough left over for a matching hat (did a strip of the cable pattern to fit my head joined at back and picked up one side stitches to knit a double rib band, and the other side to crochet decreasing circles to make the crown.)

Some of the best fitting knitting I've done to date. And very snuggly warm for Autumn walks.

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