July 21st, 2017
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This afternoon I went to the Sandy River.

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Paperwork headdesking: a simplified transcript.

Warnings for major complications of the 'bureaucracy is literally trying to kill you' sort, systemic transmisia & ableism & classism, capitalism devouring its young.

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FUCK FUCK FUCK. *sound effects of smashing things, ripping with vicious claws*

I'm going out. *doorslam*

ETA: I did indeed go out and that was good. I went swimming in a river! And other things have come along that need dealt with, sigh. Thank you for all the support, both those of you who have commented and anyone reading and well-wishing later. I may close comments here shortly because I need to move on mentally; we'll see. <3
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July 19th, 2017
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Actually worked a bit on the Writey Thing for the first time, I think, since April.

I somehow drabbled. This is pure setting-background scenery-brainstorming sense-detail, came out in second person for no particular reason, dunno if it will be in the story, but I have got to be writing on the regular, I need that habit and that mode of expression. I'll take it.

Mentions food, wilderness. Here it is.

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got sucked into computerland for a bit

going for a walk

will check things when I get back
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July 18th, 2017
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Petted FOUR cats on neighborhood walk this morning. Porch Cat, Calico Neighbor Cat, the little bitty mostly-white calico who seems to be their neighbor and rival, and a black and slightly-tuxedo cat out for a walk with his person.

Did a bit of chores of the paperwork-y sort, and communicated reasonably well with S about chores’n’stuff.

Sent my sibling B a picture of me with my genderqueer-flag-striped cat-face button!

Today met up with the excellent [personal profile] kengr at Powell’s City of Books in the afternoon. We had a great conversation. Hooray for people I like to talk to actually living somewhere nearish! Did not buy ALL the things though I was tempted. Also I got a couple of books by C.J. Cherryh, who is a very good writer. Mwahahaha.

Had a great walk. [Content note: Exercise, food, brain weirdness, body weirdness] Read more... )

Found some things that might could be useful while walking. Made tentative plans/options for hopefully-productive tomorrow.
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July 17th, 2017
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Things which have, today, delighted me:

Improvements in my overall mental and physical functioning of late; most especially, the energy to do small practical things and random acts of kindness without nearly always stalling out somewhere between the idea and the result.

People being happy about things I have said and done for them or for the world in general: an online friend who got a package, a physical-space neighbor who is possibly on the way to being an actual friendly acquaintance, a partner who gave & got help, listening, and smiles, a passerby who called us superheroes for putting out a smoldering leaf pile where someone had tossed a cigarette.

Petting numerous cats. So many! So fluffy! So purr! 3 of 4 cat sightings successfully negotiated to pets on my morning walk, plus 1 kitty this evening on the way back from the car. Cats yesterday, too!

Our garden plot. The shade of the central fig tree is extraordinarily peaceful. In various plots, there are strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries in some stage of bearing fruit. In our plot, we have lots of herbs, lots of things growing that aren’t harvestable at the moment, and a tremendous bumper crop of green beans! I am managing - so far - to handle totally-reasonable-in-origin worries about watering enough, weeding enough, and logging required community service hours despite the entirely unreasonable level of anxiety the provoke. With the rich compost that I nurtured on my shovel and the herbs that I grew in my mouth and the sun on my back and the wind on my face, it’s pretty doable.

Dreamwidth, and the community I find there. Thanks.
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AI teaches itself to walk, run, jump inside a physics simulation. Comes up with a flappy runny sometimes-sideways walking style. Looks inefficient to many self-appointed experts. Works well.


I am feeling my robot side today. And angry that people have a problem with flappy arm running.


EDIT: Note to self: Write a proper video transcript/descript to share, darn it!
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July 15th, 2017
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The wonderful [personal profile] conuly has been attempting to feed, medicate, and shelter two semi-feral kittens, and has finally got them into a safe contained space. Anyone in the greater NYC area interested in two baby kitties who are a bit wild and shy but young enough to learn to love people?

Edited: If not, once they've been checked up and cleaned up and properly treated for eye troubles, they'll be moving on...to a shelter, a foster home, or TNR, depending on what's available and how their socialization goes.

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July 14th, 2017
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You can call me alatefeline.

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I was going to write about 3 sentences to try and update and streamline my sticky post. Ha. Ha. Ha. I love you, folks. If you’ve read this far you get a virtual cookie.

ETA: Also please feel free to comment here, or on another post/comment from me, or message me, whenever, regarding any identity/name/pronoun stuffs you want me to do differently/better for you!!!
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July 13th, 2017
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July 10th, 2017
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It's a goner. Well, that was what I expected. Sat in the dentist's waiting room for over an hour, with my word games book and my knitting. Called in, sat down, she took a look and said there was nothing there to have anything done to. Also, the one behind it, which has been root-canalled, has a cavity appearing, which will need to be fixed. She's arranging me a referral to somewhere that does extractions under sedation (which they don't, and which I need), which will be some time in the next 6-8 weeks. Also, I have an appointment in August to have the cavity re-filled, which I hope will not lead to *that* tooth also collapsing.

I spoke to her about ... *whisper it* dentures. Apparently I'll need to give the extraction between 3-6 MONTHS to heal, and then (assuming no other teeth have collapsed in the meantime) I'll be due for a checkup anyway, and we can discuss the possibility of filling a gap or two. It would be nice to have molars again.

So I went into Iceland on the way home, and bought more eggs (easy to eat), a pack each of sandwich thins and sourdough crumpets (soft bready stuff, sigh), and some half-price triple-choc-chip cookies. And then because I only had a cup-a-soup for 'lunch', I've had 2.5 frankfurters and a fried egg for Fud, and am following that with a cookie.

I tell you, teeth are one of the worst-designed parts of the human body. Why can't we just grow extra teeth like sharks do?
July 9th, 2017
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today walked to laurelhurst park, yesterday late to mt tabor



Flowers. Many flowers—

Pond. Ripples. Reflected trees. Duck.

Stop to rest—

Leathery shiny magnolia leaves. Cottonwood fluff. Buckshorn plantain stems to weave.


Lavender scent and sticky resin. Globe alium in bud, bouncy texture like a kooshball covered in beads. Rhythmic tapping of running hand along a wrought iron fence.

Sunset at the reservoir. Purple fading clouds. Wind in tall grass and clover and weeds. Gray gritty graveled path. Pink-purple-gray reflection on the reservoir water still, and the greeny darkness of pine trees on the ridge. A cool breeze on a warm day; the open air in a high place.
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Item: A ST:TNG pin badge. No sound effects (or transporter function), alas. (Keep?)

Item: Two ST:TOS (?) trading cards - Sciences Insignia, and Vulcan Idic. (Keep?)

Item: A plastic pouch for, I assume, some sort of pills - blue, says Tenormin Atenolol Tablets 100mg Calendar Pack on it, two pockets inside. Never taken that, so I can only assume I acquired it when I was on The Pill, and used it as a carry case... (Bin.)

Item: (or rather, Items) Passbooks for my various Halifax accounts, starting with the earliest one, opened in 1974 where the entries are handwritten! I think there should have been one prior to that, as I had the account before then; it was opened by cashing in my National Savings Certificates, bought for me by (I think?) Granddad Beet when I was a baby. Most of what went in on the first page, at least, is interest - I was getting an insane amount by today's standards! e.g. Balance (as at 31 January 1975) £356.02, interest on July 31 1975 £13.04! I wonder why I had to withdraw £150 in July 1979? I assume that's the one that's become my Halifax current account; balance entirely transferred 'out' in July 1991. Three passbooks for that one, then another three starting in 1992 with the opening of an account into which the first deposit was my redundancy cheque from CA - started as a 90-day Extra account, then became a 'Solid Gold' (when Halifax and the Leeds combined, I think?). That seems to have been closed down (or transferred to another current account?) in April 2002; it looks as though I transferred quite a bit of money out of it into, I believe, the ISA I had around then. And one book for a 7-Day Extra account, from 1984 to 1989. No idea what happened with that one; again, it may have been transferred to another account or combined with one. I suppose I could dig out a bank statement or two and see if any of the numbers on any of these passbooks correspond... (Also a letter about opening a current account, but I can't tell which one easily.) ETA: And in looking for other passports, I found the ISA passbook too. I closed that down, I know.

Item: Old Blood Transfusion Service booklet, with certificates from 1973 to 1997. Might keep that.

Item: Letter from Blood Donor Service to confirm that if I had my ears pierced by my GP, I could carry on donating. Had them done (according to note by GP at the bottom!) in January 1997.

Item: MY BIRTH CERTIFICATE! Well, I should definitely hang on to that. And put it somewhere safe, preferably somewhere where I remember where it is... Short form? "I, {Morris Thomas Clark} (? handwritten in copperplate!!! Could be Church or Glunk, or something...) Registrar of Births and Deaths for the Sub-district of [stamped] LINCOLN do hereby certify that the above particulars have been compiled from an entry in a Register in my custody. Witness my hand this {27} day of {January} 19{54}." Also, apparently, "Sex" = {Girl}.

Item: Letter from Mum, postmarked 27 Sep 1982, written to me after Pat and I took rather impromptu leaves from work to go and look after Grandma Beet, after she was discharged from hospital following a fall or stroke (I forget...) and Aunty W refused to have anything to do with her, and Mum and Dad were on holiday abroad. Sentimental value.

Item: Documentation regarding entries into and closure of (I think?) my PO savings bank account (which at the time probably was National Savings? Certainly all the paperwork says National Savings on it. 1973 to 1994.

Item: Somewhat melodramatic letter from sister about husband's work situation, 1988. I think that can be shredded.

Item: (Oh, this is a good one...) Old passports. My first full one, issued in 1972 (British Passport, navy, occupation: Student); second full one, 1982-92 (British Passport, black, occupation: Typist); third full one, 1997-2007 (European Community, red, machine-readable). Did I not have a passport for five years, then (92-97)? Elsewhere I have the last full one, November 2005 to August 2016 (I overlapped to temporarily avoid biometrics, I think), and the current one. I might post photos of the pictures somewhere at some point... I don't seem to have the first temporary one I had while I was at school, though.

Also found in check for other passports:

Item: Premium Bonds. I know where those are, and I have a note of my holder's number so I can check them occasionally. (Just checked now, and no win. As usual.)

Item: Various Inland Revenue documents.

Item: 'Medicard' booklet, supposed to be kept to show hospital treatments, inoculations, medications, etcetera etcetera etcetera. Now hideously out of date, but it has got dates of my childhood vaccinations, so I might keep it.

Item: Various optical prescriptions going back ... years. To the 1980s, anyway. I should put those in an envelope. (I think the most current is in my handbag.)

Other odds and sods I don't think it's worth keeping - physiotherapy appointments at a hospital that no longer exists? NatWest folder for chequebooks without stubs?
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My nice cotton summer trousers are mostly beginning to fall apart. (They're all coming apart at the top of the inside leg seams!) And I can't get any more, they don't seem to be being made; the last 2 pairs I got from the little clothes shop on Junction Road, where I got all the cotton ones, are more viscose than cotton. Adequate, but not as nice. Though they do have POCKETS.

Anyway. So I had a brainwave, and thought about patching them. The first pair I did was the dark brown ones; couldn't find a perfect match, but I did find some reasonably dark brown, rather poplin-y, fabric, which seems to have worked OK. So then I tackled one of the pairs of mid-blue trousers, and for that I found what seems to have been a strip cut off the bottom of a skirt or dress, back when I was making clothes, to shorten said garment to the right length. Again, a poly-cotton, slightly crisper than the trousers, but fine.

Now, this weekend I've been wearing one of my pairs of beige trousers. I think this is the pair I accidentally spilled wood dye (or something?) on, which mostly washed out, but I deemed them unfit to wear to work; of course, now I'm not working, they're just as good as the other pair... But they are beginning to disintegrate in the usual places.

I thought about sheeting - I do have some old sheets around, that were worn too thin in the middles but would do for patching/mending/costumes, one of which at least has already been cut up; and I think one that's a single sheet that's *just* too small to tuck nicely round my mattress topper (I have a four-foot bed, so a single sheet often fits OK round the mattress topper pad!). I dug those out, but none were the right colour. Bother, thought I.

...And then I had a brainwave. I pulled out the entire top drawer of my bedside cupboard, which houses HANKIES. (And a few other things, of which more later.) I have hankies of all colours and designs (and shapes, occasionally...), and at the back I discovered two old men's hankies (bought for when I had more frequent streaming colds). One is off-white (it may have *been* white originally, but certainly isn't now), the other has a brown stripey border and a beige centre, and is a very good match, colour-wise! It's perhaps not quite as firm fabric as the trousers, but it will certainly do to keep them going this summer, and maybe next. So that's something I can do this afternoon before they go in the wash.

Also, while drawer-excavating, I found: several old savings-account books (expired, I assume!), my old blood donor card, various sets of bookmarks of different styles (I like the clip-in ones), the ancient digital watch that I used to wear while mine was being cleaned/repaired, and my old electronic su-doku game - that, I've changed the batteries in, checked it worked, and put it (with the instruction booklet, which was also there!) on the pile for the charity shop. (I seem to recall it was a present, many years ago, but I don't really use it, so it might as well go to someone who can.)

And having been interrupted in the middle of typing the previous paragraph, by a phone call from ex-boss Suky about next week's Mum-sitting, I'd better go and look at that old paperwork stuff and maybe shred/throw out some of it. And then ... patch the trousers!


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